FARES & PAYMENT (tariffs)

The ticket price of Kosice – Budapest transport is 35€/person. The fares are uniform, i.e. the same fare is applied even when transporting a single client (unless prearranged differently with the transported client).

1. We offer the clients a possibility of ordering a separate transport of either an individual or a group of people. The client who orders such a transport can choose the departure time of the transport as well as the boarding point for that transport. The fare for a separate transport of up to 8 people on the route Kosice - Budapest (airport) is 200€ and on the route Kosice - Budapest centre is 220€.
VIP Transport is possible only if the number of passengers will not exceed 3 people. Transport fare of VIP Transport is 150€. Carrier provides a vehicle **** for VIP Transport.

2. Flat price of transport within Kosice is 5€/ destination

3. Carrier charges 10€ per every started hour of waiting

4. Carrier charges a surcharge for either the supernumerary luggage or oversized luggage - 10€/piece

5. Carrier charges a surcharge for transporting animals. The surcharge depends on the animal’s weight:
1kg - 10kg = 15€
10kg - 20kg = 20€
over 20kg = 30€

Possible payment methods

• Transfer to account
• Deposit to account
• In cash at boarding
• On-line sales